See how to replace your lost or stolen NEXUS card!

Well, there are too many people who speak about the modern traveling and too many articles dedicated to this topic. Are you sick and tired to read one and the same thing every single day? Do you want to learn something new when it comes to travels abroad and about how to make more pleasant your traveling?

We are sure that you do!

Okey, let’s say that you are crazy about holidays and round trips, as well as use every opportunity to hit the road! Let’s also suppose that you love your country, but would like to visit the next one… And finally, let’s assume that you live in Canada, but the U.S. is like your second home! – Many assumptions, right :)?

See some answers here:

So, the first think we would like to say that you are a real lucky! Yes, that’s right… You are so lucky, that you can’t even imagine. – Except if you travel from Canada to America often! In this case, you know very well that there IS a great chance for you to travel different, but whether you took advantage of it so far – this is another question…

The NEXUS cards – your chance to travel better. Your light in the tunnel when the long lines seem no end and when you have no patience to cross the border! If you already have this amazing card and at this moment you are watching it, then you can stop reading. But if the same card is missing and you are very worried by this fact, stay here and keep reading… And breathing!

Today’s article is exactly because of that – to show you what to do if your valuable NEXUS card has been stolen or you have made the huge mistake of losing it!

Everything can be fine and to be as it used to be only if you follow several steps. If you fill-in the application for NEXUS replacement and correctly submit your personal data, to get a NEXUS card again will be easy and quite possible.

The replacement procedure is almost the same like such for initial applying, but is little bit faster, especially if your documents have not been changed! Note also that every new NEXUS card (when applying for replacement) will be with the same expired date like the previous one.

Do not worry that your NEXUS card is missing. As you see for yourself, you can easily fix things. Just be more careful next time – the NEXUS card is really priceless!!

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