Love Canada and the U.S., but your NEXUS card is expired? See how to renew it here!

Every perfect traveling starts with… the documents! Well, of course you must also bring enough luggage, enough money, many smiles and a good attitude, but if we have to be practical, it is not possible to travel without our personal documents! – Yes, this is the most important thing actually.

So, before to hit the road, you have to make sure if you have the set of documents necessary for you family or solo trip: passports, ID, driver license, birth certifications, NEXUS cards etc. And in case you have postponed your journey to Europe and would like to visit the next county (Canada or the U.S.), to cross the border will be very hard procedure (long lines, endless waiting etc.) if you do not have a NEXUS card! – Or you already have it?

See more about this way more information online and stay here!

Most people use only their passports when traveling abroad or as is the case here – to the U.S. or Canada. Almost all passengers think that to cross fast the border is necessary only the presence of a valid passport and nothing more… But the truth is different. You cannot just rely on your luck and to hope this time the lines to be smaller. You have to be prepared BEFORE to hit the road, or in other words – too apply for getting a NEXUS card.

There are many cases when people already have a NEXUS card, but it is expired and they are not able to use it. In this situation, they have to apply for its renewal by following several steps. – Easy steps.

After the applicants for renewing of the NEXUS card fill-in its personal data and send the application form by email, should also pay the fee. In addition and if necessary, they have also pass an interview, that is mandatory when applying for the first time (the initial application for NEXUS). Note also that the procedure will be faster if your personal data has not been changed since the last time when you applied (5 years ago).

Finally, we would to say that as fast you apply for renewal, as soon you will receive your renewed NEXUS card, or in other words – you will be able to continue traveling as before without interruption! Note that you can renew your NEXUS membership 180 days before your card expiries. So you have lots of time available to do this – just hurry up and do not forget to see what the expiration date of your NEXUS card is!

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NEXUS – the trusted traveler program!

What it means to you to travel? What do you feel when traveling – nice emotions or actually you do not like to do this and prefer to stay at home…? Do you feel a pleasure when hitting the road, or the truth is that this is not among your favorite activities?

If you love to explore new places, probably you love to travel too… If you love Canada, probably you like the U.S. too – right? And if you really like to travel between these two countries, surely you know that the whole procedure when crossing the borders is boring and very unpleasant! – Long waiting, crowds of people, tense atmosphere and many other negative factors.

If you want to avoid all that but still can’t find the perfect way to do it, probably you have not been in our blog so far… We daily write interesting articles related to travels, as well as share with you many tips that may help you along your way.

Now let’s focus on the travels between Canada and the U.S. and more especially on how to cross their borders – as you know, this route is very popular and often people use it. All citizens of Canada and America have some work to do in the next country, so if you are one of them, stay here and learn what you can do in order to have a pleasant trip!

NEXUS – this is the only possibility that will provide you with faster crossing the borders of the U.S. or Canada. If you apply for getting a NEXUS membership and then you receive it, the way you have been traveling till this moment will be just a distant memory…

See more about the NEXUS card application.

Everybody wants to get a NEXUS card. Everybody dreams of faster crossing the borders when traveling abroad. And there is no one who doesn’t like the pleasant trips – whatever that means! So, to be one of the people who have no patience to hit the road, instead to feel unpleasant emotions when it is time for traveling, just become a part of the trusted NEXUS program :).

If you want to become a holder of a NEXUS card and even want to this as soon as possible, apply today! Thus, you will have the chance to receive an approval in short terms and the next time when you have to travel to Canada or the U.S., you will have the opportunity to travel different…

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Have a NEXUS card? It is expired and you do know what to do? See more here!

Time for holidays is already here. Now you can go wherever you want, because summer is the season of exciting getaways and the time when everybody wants to explore new destinations and places!! Are you eager to understand where this summer season will take you away? Or you actually have a plan where to go and even have booked a hotel…?

If you have been ready for your next experience 2 months ago and now you have just to pack up, that is awesome… And if that is true, it means that you are very organized person and probably do not need to read any article for tourism. We like very much such people (who do not make decisions in the last minute) and who know what they want.

But today we would like to pay attention to all those travelers who travel with their families and more specially who live in Canada or the U.S.! Do not think that we are going to speak about flights, hotels or something… We are going to tell you HOW to travel really comfortable with your kids, who (as we all know) can’t wait too long on lines!

Probably you already know what we are trying to tell you, because Canada and America are countries that are located side by side and that welcomes millions of tourist every year! They are very beautiful lands and it is normally you to want visit them too. – And to show them to your kids :).

Nexus card – the key for a perfect family traveling between Canada and the U.S! The Nexus program – an amazing opportunity for everyone who crosses the borders between these countries – every year, month, or even week! And if this crossing the borders is with your children, then you must become a member of the NEXUS program!

In case you already are and even your family package is almost expired, do you know what to do when this happen? Are you aware what the procedure for a family NEXUS renewal is, as well as how much time it will take?

Well, in case you have noticed that your cards are expired or about to expire, you should know how to apply for renewing. Actually, it is very easy. There are several important steps you have to follow and after that you will successful become a member of the NEXUS program again! – And not only you, but your family too. Because the NEXUS family package is incredible, giving you the chance to apply for renewal fast, easy and even pleasant. Good luck!

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See how to replace your lost or stolen NEXUS card!

Well, there are too many people who speak about the modern traveling and too many articles dedicated to this topic. Are you sick and tired to read one and the same thing every single day? Do you want to learn something new when it comes to travels abroad and about how to make more pleasant your traveling?

We are sure that you do!

Okey, let’s say that you are crazy about holidays and round trips, as well as use every opportunity to hit the road! Let’s also suppose that you love your country, but would like to visit the next one… And finally, let’s assume that you live in Canada, but the U.S. is like your second home! – Many assumptions, right :)?

See some answers here:

So, the first think we would like to say that you are a real lucky! Yes, that’s right… You are so lucky, that you can’t even imagine. – Except if you travel from Canada to America often! In this case, you know very well that there IS a great chance for you to travel different, but whether you took advantage of it so far – this is another question…

The NEXUS cards – your chance to travel better. Your light in the tunnel when the long lines seem no end and when you have no patience to cross the border! If you already have this amazing card and at this moment you are watching it, then you can stop reading. But if the same card is missing and you are very worried by this fact, stay here and keep reading… And breathing!

Today’s article is exactly because of that – to show you what to do if your valuable NEXUS card has been stolen or you have made the huge mistake of losing it!

Everything can be fine and to be as it used to be only if you follow several steps. If you fill-in the application for NEXUS replacement and correctly submit your personal data, to get a NEXUS card again will be easy and quite possible.

The replacement procedure is almost the same like such for initial applying, but is little bit faster, especially if your documents have not been changed! Note also that every new NEXUS card (when applying for replacement) will be with the same expired date like the previous one.

Do not worry that your NEXUS card is missing. As you see for yourself, you can easily fix things. Just be more careful next time – the NEXUS card is really priceless!!

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Travel more with NEXUS card!

The season of the holidays is already here. Everybody knows where will spend its next summer vacation and has no patience to hit the road! If you attend to travel to Europe, then you can skip this page, but if you plan to visit Canada or the U.S. and even you live in some of these countries, stay here and read this interesting article to the end!

Today we would like share with you which is the best way of traveling, especially when it comes to trips to Canada or the U.S. Today we are going to tell you what to do to travel fast, as well as to avoid the long lines at every airport!

Every traveler wants to get the holiday destination selected as fast as possible. He doesn’t want to waste time on the borders, as well as to wait too much for a customs check. And since he doesn’t want that all, it is normally to look for some way that to provide him with the dreamed traveling! – Are you this person?

Well, to travel between Canada and the U.S. (visit them, now) is not as easy as you think… Yes, both countries are very close to each other, but to cross their borders not only can takes lots of time, but even to drive you crazy!! All the endless waiting and all the crowds are just terrible, so do something and escape from them! – But what you can do and how to do it…?

Get a NEXUS card and just relax! Relax while waiting at the airport, relax while traveling by boat, as well as while driving your car! Yes, you can even relax while crossing the border, because every NEXUS card will give you the dreamed traveling – fast, comfortable and unforgettable.

Make your trip really pleasant from beginning to end and became a member of the trusted program of NEXUS tomorrow, or even today! Of course, you can’t get a NEXUS card today or tomorrow but are able to apply for it… And if you do not know how, or are thinking that it will be too difficult or hard for you to do it, just forget about your doubts and keep reading!

To apply for NEXUS card actually is very easy. You must follow several steps and if you fill in all the necessary information correctly, everything will pass smoothly! You will be able to receive an approval very soon and then to use it with the greatest pleasure!

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Hate the lines on the borders? This article is for you!

To be or not be a member of the NEXUS program? “What a question, right” – that’s what you thought when you wrote the first sentence, or you actually ask the same…? Are you informed about this program and about the benefits of being a holder of a NEXUS card? Or you hear about that service for the first time? – Hardly…

Well, the NEXUS program is created for all the travelers (solo and family) who want the best when on the road. And who want the most comfortable and fast traveling possible. The NEXUS program is an amazing way for you to make easier your movement, as well as to give your family the comfort necessary! If you really want to make everything possible to travel better and to avoid the long lines known to all of us, apply for NEXUS today, but do not forget that you will be able to use your card only if you live in the U.S. or Canada! Unfortunately, the NEXUS card are valid and can be used only in case you cross the borders between the above mentioned lands – are you disappointed? Apply with your family here!

Don’t! To use your NEXUS card only when you travel between Canada and the U.S. is not a small thing at all… Just think about all these people who daily cross their borders to go to work, or about the families who have kids and must wait with them on the border… For hours! Do you have children? If, yes, then you know what a big problem to wait for hours for a custom check is, especially when your kids screaming and you can’t do anything.

Skip all that and get a NEXUS card! Yes it’s just as simply, as it sounds… Apply for the whole family and forget about all the spanking, tension, and nerve-racking situations when at the airport, when traveling by car, or even by boat! Make your family traveling comfortable and pleasant for all of you. Do not miss the chance to take advantage of this amazing way of traveling and leave your hesitations aside – they are simply inappropriate…

Once when you get a NEXUS card, your traveling will radically change. You will feel like a real lucky while bypassing the huuge lines and the crowds. You will be always first for a customs check and all the pressure will just disappear! You won’t have to wait for hours in front of the counters and to move about a centimeter per hour. No, that will be just an unpleasant memory of the past that will fade away with time…

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What you have to know when you are traveling to US?

Do you love to travel abroad? Or you don’t, but have to? And if you really prefer to travel within the country in which you live, but your profession requires you to travel often – what is the thing that you do not like most? – To travel by plane or the waiting before and after your several-hour flight?

Many question, few answers… We can only to guess why some people do not like to travel, but know for sure why we do not like to cross the borders!

Waiting – that is the most tedious part of every trip, no matter what kind it is (by sea, by land or by air)! And if you tell us that you love to wait, probably you are kidding…

Every of us who lives in Canada or the U.S. knows that to visit some of these wonderful countries is a quite often event. Some of us work in the neighboring country or just skip over to it for the weekend with the whole family. But how you deal with the waiting on the borders? – Isn’t it very exhausting?

Well, if you are a regular passenger of the airlines and for one reason or another you have to travel frequently to Canada or the U.S. then to have a NEXUS card is simply mandatory! – Unless you have an enviable patience and do not mind to wait endlessly to pass the customs inspection… If it so, we envy you!

Actually, most of people wish to get to the U.S. or Canada as soon as possible and we are one of them. And we also think that if by getting a NEXUS card every crossing the border will be faster, than not only we but you too should become holders of that amazing card! Why we not to take advantage of this way of faster movement if it really works? – There is no point if we say “no” to the NEXUS cards and continue to wait with stoicism until our turn comes…

The chance to cross every border faster independently from the way of travel is great and all of us should take advantage of it! Thus, we will be able to get first, as well as to fully enjoy our trip. And if you think that to work with your NEXUS card is difficult or complicated, you are wrong! Even you will find the standard crossing the border for harder in comparison to the crossing by using your NEXUS card.

Try this amazing of way traveling and be always satisfied with your travel!


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Canada as Holiday Destination (Natural Parks, Waterfalls and much, much more!)

Canada as a holiday destination is more than suitable in case you love to enjoy beautiful nature and impressing sights… This land is the second largest country in the world and together with the U.S. they occupy almost the entirely north America! Although the country of Canada is huge, the people who live there are not so many (about 32 million) due to the forests that are located in the greater part of this amazing land.

When it comes to holidays and things you can see in Canada, the list is really large and surely we can write about that for hours… Today we are going to tell you more about some of the places you can visit and see in Canada that will also strongly impress you and if you are interested to learn more about this wonderful land, just keep follow our blog!

Well, what is the first think that comes to your mind when you hear about Canada? – Isn’t the Niagara Waterfall? – Or the capital of Ottawa and the amazing Toronto?

Actually, the country is famous with hundreds of amazing places and cities where you can spend an unforgettable holiday and our mission is to guide you in order to see the best of this land…

The first you should know before to go to Canada is that the country has really impressing nature! You will see it all around you, as the abundance of Natural Parks where can be seen dramatic sceneries make Canada for being a leading destination when it comes to recreation and holidays among the nature…

Start your journey in Canada from the amazing city of Toronto! This adorable town is the largest in the country and very often people think that it is the capital of Canada. – But it is not!Canada-holidays

Probably you know Toronto as the place where is conducted the International Film Festival or where is located the CN Tower! And yes, that is true… But whatever you know about one of the most impressing towns in the world (Toronto), have in mind that only two hours away you will find the majestic Niagara waterfall!! It is located between Canada and the U.S. and the area around this impressing sight is highly developed for tourism – many couples in love spend their honeymoon right there! You can be one of them and know that being there you will also find many varied hotels, as well as good restaurants and places where you can have fun…

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Welcome to Blog Club BLVD44

Welcome to our blog, we where site represending BLVD44 club in Canada, after few years in business we had to shut it down… Now we will try to be useful to all holidaymakers in USA, Canada and Europe.

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