Love Canada and the U.S., but your NEXUS card is expired? See how to renew it here!

Every perfect traveling starts with… the documents! Well, of course you must also bring enough luggage, enough money, many smiles and a good attitude, but if we have to be practical, it is not possible to travel without our personal documents! – Yes, this is the most important thing actually.

So, before to hit the road, you have to make sure if you have the set of documents necessary for you family or solo trip: passports, ID, driver license, birth certifications, NEXUS cards etc. And in case you have postponed your journey to Europe and would like to visit the next county (Canada or the U.S.), to cross the border will be very hard procedure (long lines, endless waiting etc.) if you do not have a NEXUS card! – Or you already have it?

See more about this way more information online and stay here!

Most people use only their passports when traveling abroad or as is the case here – to the U.S. or Canada. Almost all passengers think that to cross fast the border is necessary only the presence of a valid passport and nothing more… But the truth is different. You cannot just rely on your luck and to hope this time the lines to be smaller. You have to be prepared BEFORE to hit the road, or in other words – too apply for getting a NEXUS card.

There are many cases when people already have a NEXUS card, but it is expired and they are not able to use it. In this situation, they have to apply for its renewal by following several steps. – Easy steps.

After the applicants for renewing of the NEXUS card fill-in its personal data and send the application form by email, should also pay the fee. In addition and if necessary, they have also pass an interview, that is mandatory when applying for the first time (the initial application for NEXUS). Note also that the procedure will be faster if your personal data has not been changed since the last time when you applied (5 years ago).

Finally, we would to say that as fast you apply for renewal, as soon you will receive your renewed NEXUS card, or in other words – you will be able to continue traveling as before without interruption! Note that you can renew your NEXUS membership 180 days before your card expiries. So you have lots of time available to do this – just hurry up and do not forget to see what the expiration date of your NEXUS card is!

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